So Glad For Advancements in Movie Effects

Last night I sat down and watched Transformers 3D. Firstly, I have to say… 3D TV rocks!!!!

Secondly, while I was watching it – these sort of movies are my guilty pleasure in life – I couldn’t help but think how glad I was that these amazing special effects were made possible. I mean just think about it for a second. If advancements had not been made, the transformers would not have looked like this

but rather, they would have looked like this…


My vacation is almost over… sigh… but I will be back bigger and better than ever next week. Have a great day everybody!

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  1. Enjoy every moment!

  2. Hahaha! So very true! Special effects nowadays are stellar! But you can’t knock Johnny 5!! LOL “Fragments…some large, some small.” “Need input!”

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