May I Have This Dance?

Join me, and together we shall waltz into the very depths of Hell and rule all of the worlds.

Artwork by Jim Murray

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  1. Yeah I think you’re a bit odd! It seems to me that most short story collections are ordered either chronologically or in an unspecified ‘aesthetic’ order. Unless the stories are related I can’t see how it would matter; it’s not like reading the chapters of a novel out of order. Personally I rarely read the whole of a short story collection in one go – I prefer to dip in and out, come back to the collection later. I find reading a series of short stories by the same author mainly makes me want to read one of their novels – so I do. Also – what about collections with stories by different writers – I might get the collection solely for the one story (as in my lovely collection of everything John Wyndham ever wrote).

  2. Ah crap – that’ll be a comment on the wrong post… nice picture for my lunchtime.

  3. what a wickedly deranged work of art. Who is the artist?

  4. elizabethtwist

    Her index finger in his eye is just perfect.

  5. That is…gory. But strangely beautiful!

  6. Is that Freddy Kruger doing the tango? lol

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