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Matt Shaw and Michael Bray ‘Monster’ Review


A review of a great novel from two amazing writers!

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Written by: Matthew J. Barbour

Matt Shaw’s most widely read works have been in his extreme horror series. All of the novels within the series are instantly identifiable by their unadorned black covers and graphic content. Monster is among these titles.

Co-authored with Michael Bray, Monster follows a woman obsessed with serial killers. Her name is Christina. She works a dead end job at a gas station. To pass the time, Christina likes to make up stories about the people filling-up their vehicles. She imagines what it would be like if her customers were serial killers, that is, until she hits the nail on the head. Christina is abducted and held prisoner by a family of monsters: a father, a mother, and their deformed giant of a son. In their hands, she will learn the true horrors faced by those who fall victim to serial killers as she…

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Land of Death – OUT NOW from Severed Press

Only a short few weeks ago I was approached by a fellow horror writer, a man I have admired for a great many years. Eric S Brown, author of (among many others) the Bigfoot Wars series, asked me if I wanted to write a short dinosaur horror novella with him.

Of course I jumped at the chance. As I said, I have long been a fan of Eric’s work, and chat with him regularly about writing and life in general.

It wasn’t until after we had started that I found out the publisher was none other than Severed Press. This project just kept getting better and better.

Well, we tore through the words, and the story was created in no time, and it is now live for the whole world to feast their eyes on.

Forget Jurassic World, because the Land of Death is a place even Chris Pratt would never survive.

Check it out on Amazon today, and feel free to tell all your friends.

Land of Death

A group of American soldiers, fleeing an organized attack on their base camp in the Middle East, encounter a storm unlike anything they’ve seen before. When the storm subsides, they wake up to find themselves no longer in the desert and perhaps not even on Earth. The jungle they’ve been deposited in is a place ruled by prehistoric creatures long extinct. Each day is a struggle to survive as their ammo begins to run low and virtually everything they encounter, in this land they’ve been hurled into, is a deadly threat.


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40 years, 40 posters. Jaws is one of the greatest thriller movies of all time and definitely the greatest killer shark movie of all time. I hope you all enjoy the posters.

WolfCadet WolfCadet

TinyButDeadly TinyButDeadly

Tim Weakland Tim Weakland

Tim Weakland and Kasey Gifford Tim Weakland and Kasey Gifford

Tchav Tchav

Meagan Hyland Meagan Hyland

Mr Whaite Mr Whaite

Patrick Connan Patrick Connan

Shop Reworking Titles Shop Reworking Titles

Steve Kurth Steve Kurth

Matt Verges Matt Verges

Marko Manev Marko Manev

Linda Hordijk Linda Hordijk

Laurent Durieux Laurent Durieux

Kyle Brown Kyle Brown

Jack Young Jack Young

John Larsen John Larsen

Johnny Mex Johnny Mex

Joshua Budich Joshua Budich

Joshua Budich Joshua Budich

Flore Maquin Flore Maquin

Don Vinzone Don Vinzone

doaly doaly

David O'Daniel David O’Daniel

David Moscati David Moscati

comicbookguy54321 comicbookguy54321

Constantine Georgiadis Constantine Georgiadis

Craig Drake Craig Drake

Daniel Campos Daniel Campos

Daniel Norris Daniel Norris

Christian Garland Christian Garland

Christian Baender Christian Baender

Chris Wharton Chris Wharton

Artist Unknown Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown Artist Unknown

Ape Meets Girl Ape Meets Girl

Ape Meets Girl Ape Meets Girl

Anthony Petrie Anthony Petrie

Andy Hau Andy Hau

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