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What is Worse?

As writers, what would you say is worse:

To have so many ideas bouncing around in your head, that there would never be enough paper to write them all down, but to have no time to write any of them,


To have all of the time in the world to write, but no inspriation to fill the empty pages?

I have experienced both, and am currently stuck in the first option above, and am hating it. I would say it is worse than having no inspiration, but what about you?



Originally posted on Written in Blood:

It’s always fun to add a film I remember seeing as a kid and then loving as an adult to the ever-growing ALT-POSTR-SPOTLIGHT. Creature from the Black Lagoon is that type of movie. Enjoy.


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A Filler Post

A Filler Post

I haven’t written a post in a while. It’s been kind of busy around here, with the day job and the kids, and the whole, real world / life thing that people keep telling me about.

I have been busy writing and sitting there staring at the KDP charts. No, I’ve not been doing any promotion, but I’ve not had the time to consider a new approach to take. I promise myself I will approach some review sites this week, tonight maybe. My current novel, a new journey into the world of vampires, is almost at 40,000 words so that is motoring along quite nicely, and I still have plenty of story to write. I already have some notes for edits, both things to add, and some details I need to change. It was snowing for the first three pages, but I dropped it later on, as the idea I had changed. Looking forward to seeing how it ends up.

For the rest, well, yeah, busy busy, plus, it is Monday, so all I want to do is get through it without and blood (directly or indirectly) on my hands. So far so good.

I have been writing a lot recently, but am getting used to my new schedule. I am changing it again this week, trying something new. If it works out I will blog about it later in the week. I am trying to maximize my time in the mornings, and then incorporate my public transport time – the train at least – to top up my writing, and therefore leave my evenings free for a little freelance work and some down time with my wife. Maybe even read a little bit, because it has been over a week since I looked at a book and it is tormenting me.

I bought a few books in the last few weeks (don’t tell the missus) and I can’t wait to read them, so I might make reading my priority in the late evenings after my wife has gone to bed. That is my normal reading time, so it is time to claim it back once more.

I missed my mailing list post this week, and my wrap up of things, but fear not, that will all be back this week, but it might be the end of the week before things settle down well enough for me to write a real blog post. Watch out for some re-blogs and filler from me.

How were your weekends? Have you (my American friends at least) adjusted easily to the clock change?

Thanks for reading, and happy Monday.

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