It’s Monday – The World is There for the Taking

For many people Monday morning is a day they dread. It is the start of the working week and the start of another five days of drudgery. But here is something we all need to realize. That is not Monday’s fault. It is our own. For allowing out lives to head down a path we do not want to be on. For allowing others to dictate to us what we can and cannot do; what is acceptable and what is not.

We hate Monday because it reminds of everything we are, and how far away that is from where we want to be.

Live LifeYou are in charge of your own destiny. We can dictate the direction our lives are heading and change course whenever we wish.

Don’t sit there and blame the day, or the month or anything else. It you want to change where you are, you need to change what you are doing. It is as simple as that. So what is stopping you? Fear, uncertainty? I know all of those feelings, and understand how daunting it can be. Just remember

Change Does Not Happy Overnight

Making changes for the better is not something you need to, or should ever do, in one big hit. You make changes one step at a time. Slowly build up toward where you want to be. Take each day as a new chance to further yourself, to get back on the right path. Before you know it you will be the person you want to be. You will wake up and embrace Monday like a friend because it means you are here, you are alive and you are ready to conquer the world on your terms.

I am not saying it will be an easy road, and I am not suggesting that there will not be times when you fall back, when you lose track of where you want to be. That is part of life.


To succeed, you first need to know failure.

Stand up straight, look life in the eyes and write your own desitiny, because nobody is going to do it for you!

Why Fiction is Better than Fact

If you are reading this (thank you) there is a very strong chance that you are a writer. Which is great, you will certainly understand where I am coming from.

As a writer, I don’t believe in the ‘odds’. I don’t believe in letting life run though the same channels; going through every day on autopilot, afraid to touch the controls in case we spiral out of control and crash. I refuse to play it safe. To play the odds.

writing 2If I believed in them, I would not be doing what I am. I would not be writing fiction. If we can step outside the writer’s mindset for a moment and just look at it all in the plain light of day. The chance of succeeding as a writer is slim to none. With that, I am not talking about Stephen King style success, but an ‘I write full time and just manage to pay the bills and support my family’ level of success.

Ok, quickly, jump back into the writer’s brain; it’s scary out there. Do we have everybody, ok good. You see what I mean right? The odds are just terrible. So I ignore them. They don’t actually mean anything anyway. They are nothing more than an attempt to control us. To herd us all together. We are much easier to deal with then.

I refuse to be a machine, I refuse to conform just because it is what is expected of me. I will focus my attention on my writing, because that is who I am. It is who we are.

Am I living a lie? Quite possibly. But I am happy, and I couldn’t care less about the disapproving looks or belittling thoughts of others.

Neither should you.

To add to my delusions of grandeur, I am in the process to setting up my own freelance writing company. Lone Wolf Writing Services. I already have two clients sending work my way. One I have been working with for some time, while I am currently working on my first project for the other. If all goes well it too will become a regular thing. The aim is, of course, to move into the full time writing industry.  Combining writing freelance with writing fiction to give me the theoretical best of both worlds.

Given I have a family of four children, I am painfully aware of my expenditure each month, and the level of income needed to survive. I am also Writing 3aware that the odds of me making this are even less in my favour than of making it writing fiction. Once again, I don’t care. I don’t want to think about my chances of success, because thinking about being successful, or rather thinking about how small my chances are, is only detracting from me getting busy and making myself a success.

Not to mention the fact that l am much happier to live a lie and work myself like a rented mule in order to sustain the lie, than I am to admit that working in an office, having my soul slowly digested one day at a time, is my true destiny.

I am a dreamer. We are dreamers, and I will encourage my children to be dreamers too. I will be damned if I or them, ever become sheep; cogs in the machine.

How Technology is Changing our Attitudes Toward What is Acceptable

It may be a slightly longer title that normal, but I just woke up and my coffee has not yet made the move from my cup to my stomach, so please forgive me.

The other day, while toiling away at the day job, quietly plotting my escape, I saw a flashing notification on my screen. I had mail.

As I am sure you can understand, I was delighted to have heard from one of my customers, so rushed to open it. The mail itself was nothing special, however, what I saw at the end as a signature made me chuckle and also weep for the fate of humanity.

Now, my job maybe borning as sin at times, but I do get to deal with some pretty smart people in some pretty lofty positons inside billion dollar corporations. Aircraft leasing is big business don’t you know. To see this footer at the bottom of this email, a work email nonetheless just kind of summarized everyhing that is wrong with the current technology driven generation. I should point out that this man is not a ‘youngster’ but an experienced hand in this thing called life, and from a very interesting background.

What did this damming signature say to have caused me such consternation? Let me tell you….

This was sent through my iPhone, please ignore any spelling errors.

I had to read the message twice before I truly understood what he was saying. I mean, I have an ipad mini. I love it, and I too have been caught out by the beast that is autocorrect. But there is a difference between a facebook message for your wife to say hi, and a business mail discussing the set up of your database. For those sorts of emails, a cursory glance through the text is kind of important to make sure you have not said something that could be easily corrected. It’s about professionalism at the end of the day.

To be able to add a signature like this and just remove all obligation from you as an individual to ensure your emails are correctly written is just madness. It is a testament to how lazy many of us are becomming.The world has gone technology made and we have all become so used to it that we accept its flaws and intergrate them into our culture. Seamlessly at times.

I just don’t get it.