The 99 Cent Craze

Fact: 99 cents is not a lot of money.
Fact: 99 cents cannot buy you a lot of thing
Fact: If you are a book lover, the above statement is false.

Once again, we find ourselves caught in the world of 99 cents sales pitches, and I fear the only thing we can really do is ride out the storm.

I am no better; I have lowered my prices down to this low price. Why? Because it is what has to be done to ensure I still keep sales, and keep my rank. It is about ensuring we do not fade into obscurity.
The problem is not lowering the price, but knowing when the curve is going to move, and ensuring we raise the prices back to a realistic level at the right moment.
The trend will pass, of that we can be sure, and until then we writers will continue to flaunt ourselves; selling our souls for a pittance.

I don’t know of any other artist or company that would purposefully reduce their prices to the point where, calculating in costs of producing the work, editing, cover art, etc., even large sales barely register as a profit.
I mean, at 99cents you get a 30% royalty. That is 33 cents. If you go through a publisher, you are likely to only get between 30% and 50% of that, so you are looking at 15 cents per book sold.

But that is fine, we are writers, we have been conditioned by ourselves and by others to accept that we should offer our work for little, and achieve access through all means other than through financial avenues.
Why do we allow ourselves to have not only our work, but our very being undervalued and abused in such a way? Writer’s either are or they are not. You cannot make yourself a writer, any more than you can stop being one. Is it not time that we realized that these 99 cent runs are damaging us, damaging our brand and ultimately going against us in terms of making out mark.

When you sell a product for such a price that people will not even notice having purchased it, any success you achieve, is for the most part, fake. There are and always will be exceptions, so before people start shouting the story of John Locke and company to me, I know. There always have been and always will be exceptions.
But it is the exception that ultimately proves the rule!
I am not immune, as I mentioned earlier, so let’s take a look at my numbers.
I lowered the price of Diaries of the Damned, my main novel, to 99cents, from it’s regular $2.99 bracket. I have since seen record numbers for sales, and my book is at around the 20k mark in the Amazon ladder, and in the top 5 of the British Horror category. But what does it prove. The comparison of sales vs honest verified purchase reviews is low.


Because people will spend 99cents on something they neither need nor want, simply because it is dangled before them.
Sure, the rankings are nice, the sub rank is nice, maybe you could even reach number 1 in your categories, but at the end of the day, the real question is, how is this furthering my career? How is this making more a more successful writer?
If it was a tactic that truly worked, that was truly beneficial in the world, then the real big timers would be doing it too.


Wait a Second, I’ve Read This Before

Have you ever sat down, started writing a blog post and then been like holy shit, I’ve written this before?

I know I have. In fact I have probably written this post several times, only to delete it later on, certain that it was a repeat of something I had written earlier.

I mean, I have been running this blog for three years now, and while my posting have become somewhat sporadic over the recent months, it is not because I don’t enjoy blogging, but rather, because I have no time to blog.

Still I have amassed close to 1,000 posts in that time. Ok, some are re-blogs, and others are just collections of random photos, but come on, that’s still a good sized number of posts for a blog that has no real direction or game plan.

It is surely only natural that after a while I would start to repeat myself. Surely, anybody would be the same. I mean after all, it is surely only natural that after a while I would start to repeat myself.

That being said, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that . As humans, we are constantly learning. We live in a world that is made smaller than ever thanks to technology, and we have the ability to investigate and learn more about any subject we so choose. Our opinons can change as we become more educated on a particular issue, and this the door is opened for a post the covers a previously discussed topic.

So what if you happen to post something that epxresses the same end point as the first post, at the end of the day, we there will be people who didn’t read the original post, so to them, it would be new anyway. Besides, after running a blog for so long, it is surely only natural that after a while I would start to repeat myself.


(See what I did there!)


This Crazy Thing Called Life

I just realized that is has been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog. Anything meaningful that is. I remember at the start of the year I had grand plans, a grand vision if you will, of how I wanted this blog to be run in 2014. I had posts written in advance, schedule and ready to roll. For a whole month is went perfectly. Then, life got in the way.

My day job went nuts, taking up most of my free time. My writing started gathering some momentum in terms of the projects I am currently writing, and my approach to promotion changed and has also seen me working with more focus on the ‘selling’ side of this writer’s game.

I cannot complain, everything is going swimmingly, but sometimes, the presence of this little blog of mine slips by me and then I find myself, as I am now, feeling oddly guilty at not having written anything.

I cannot promise that any changes will be permanent, but I will ensure that I write at least one post a week from now on in. That gives me six days to put something together. Surely to crap even I can find time to do that.

In the mean time, while waiting for some of my pearly words of wisdom, why not entertain yourself with my newest novel, Diaries of the Damned.

The price has been lowered to just 99cents for a limited time only, so now is the best opportunity to grab the book that everybody is talking about.

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