Where Have All the Horror Movies Gone?

Where oh where can they be…. oh, there they are.

There as a time when I watched a lot of horror movies. I read books and watched movies. The combination of movies and books made for a great team. As time has gone by however, I find myself watching films less and less. I watch a lot of series with my wife, in the evenings, but horror films have fallen by the wayside.It might have something to do with me making her watch the Evil Dead remake.

Evil Dead

In any case, I really want to get back into watching horror movies. They were always a great way to escape. I follow a wonderful movie review blog ‘Witten in Blood’ and every time I read a new review I tell myself I should watch a movie. Well, today I have decided, at least once a week I will pick a horror film at random and watch it. I may review it on here, I may not, but I will watch them. Not for my writing, not for anything other than the simple fact I enjoy watching them. Entertainment. I believe that is the word.

The thing that I am worried about is, I watch a lot of series with my wife. I really like them, but they change your view of things. Series a long running and characters are built up slowly and well. They are three-dimensional. I am worried that moving to films I will struggle with the pacing. Will events happen too quickly? Will the pacing be wrong?

Maybe I am just rambling, but it is a Sunday afternoon, and the time for my brain to unwind. There is no work and no stresses, and random musings are the order of the day.

New Novels and New Opportunities; A Productive End to 2014

It’s been a little while since I wrote a post. This is due to a combination of reasons. One, I’ve be damned busy – at home and work – and the second is because I didn’t really have anything to say. I don’t want to fill this site with mindless drivel. There are plenty of other places for that online. As I said, I’ve been remarkably busy these past few weeks. I was on a big (personal) deadline to finish my last novel (call it a long novella at 53k or a short novel). I started writing it, longhand in May, and it just sat still while I wallowed in my ‘dark period’ a few months ago. I finished it, and just love how it came out. It is dark and twisted, and just comes at you from all sides. Nobody will be able to predict this one.

The initial feedback from my beta readers has said just that. In short, I’m really excited about getting this one out there. It is now in the hands of my wonderful editor. All I need now is a cover and a title. The current one just doesn’t really work.

I am now working on a short story for an anthology submission which I hope to have finish – long hand – by the end of the coming week and typed up the week after. After that it will be on with a new novel.

There are so many trying to force their way out of my mind, but Highway III really needs to be the one I work on first. I am going to write this one longhand also. I am  is falling hard for this writing method quite heavily, and really enjoy the connection to the story. All I need is for my handwriting to become halfway legible and I will be away.


In other news, I have now uploaded Blood of the Tainted to Createspace. The image above, a tribal ‘bat’ is used in the novel as a chapter header. I did the formatting myself, which is not a huge ask, but I felt good fo it. The most satisfying is that I made the full cover wrap myself also. Now to hope it comes out ok.

With funds for things like writing being as minimal as they are, I need to find a way to become more self-sufficient, and creating my own covers is a good place to start.   It feels good to be writing again, and getting everything back on track. I want to keep this momentum building as we enter the new year (yes, it realy is getting time to pull that phrase out of the cupboard again).

It is approaching a busy time of year in our household, with Sinterklaas has arrived which means the kids are hyper about gettnig their presents, and we have a birthday separating the Sint and Christmas – Logan turns 6 – so I am going to have to dedicate some time to freelance work, in order to be able to get the gifts and things without being clobbered by debt in January.

I start a new job in the new year, and I am really excited about it. It promises to be a great challenge, lots of room for me to develop and grow my skills, and my evenings will be free once more to work on my writing.


The first day of November has arrived. It is time for writers across the world to rub their heads in evil glee and simultaneously weep for the safety of their souls.

That’s write (see what I did there). It is time for NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month.

It i a tough month for writers, and I love it. However, I am not in a position this year to be able to take part. I would seriously love to be doing it, but my current project does not have 50k left in it, and my writing position, in terms of when I am allowed to write and how much I am allowed to write per day is not good. Meaning I would not stand a chance to hit the required 1500.

I have plenty of stories that I could have  used, and hopefully next year will bring more favourable circumstances. Until then I will keep plugging away at my writing under more amateur conditions and hope for the best.

Good luck to everybody taking part. I am sure you will all hit the 50,000 words and more.