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New from Severed Press – Diaries of the Damned


To those of you that have followed this blog for a while will already know all about my international best-selling zombie horror novel ‘Diaries of the Damned‘.

The novel has seen a few forms, but much like myself, it has found itself in the hands of a fantastic publisher, Severed Press.

Back with a new cover and a whole new audience who may not be ready to fear the walking dead, but certainly crave a good bit of zombie horror.

Fancy giving it a look, click on the image, or on the link above (or here), and give it a gander.

An Author Resurrected


I have been gone for a while. My life went through several levels of crazy for for the best part of four months I couldn’t think of anything to say or do.

I was blogged out, I guess. Work was going crazy, I had to adjust to me new postion and writing was something that made me weep just thinking about it.

Then, out of the blue, everything changed.

I was talking to a friend of mine how I had systematically ruined everything good I had built for my writing, when suddenly out of the blue, my chance at redemption came along.

I was asked by a writer I have long admired and respected, to co-write a story for him. The contracts were signed and suddenly I was writing a story for Severved Press.

I had such a blast writing the story, that I found my love for words again. I had forgotten all about writing for fun, writing for me. The story, Land of Death was published early last month and since then I have writing non-stop.

Severed have picked up my zombie novel Dairies of the Damned, and I have another dino orror novel coming out in the near future, called Hard Time.

I am writing a new zombie novel, and have three contracts for more stories with Severed Press.

It took me a lot to get where I am now, and one thing is for certain. I am not going to screw it up this time. I am an author resurrected, and I am hungrier than ever.

I am not going to worry too much about this blog. I will post when it suits me, when I have something to say. I know I’ve said this before, but now I am approaching everything with a much clearer head, and I understand what is needed, what is important.


Land of Death – OUT NOW from Severed Press

Only a short few weeks ago I was approached by a fellow horror writer, a man I have admired for a great many years. Eric S Brown, author of (among many others) the Bigfoot Wars series, asked me if I wanted to write a short dinosaur horror novella with him.

Of course I jumped at the chance. As I said, I have long been a fan of Eric’s work, and chat with him regularly about writing and life in general.

It wasn’t until after we had started that I found out the publisher was none other than Severed Press. This project just kept getting better and better.

Well, we tore through the words, and the story was created in no time, and it is now live for the whole world to feast their eyes on.

Forget Jurassic World, because the Land of Death is a place even Chris Pratt would never survive.

Check it out on Amazon today, and feel free to tell all your friends.

Land of Death

A group of American soldiers, fleeing an organized attack on their base camp in the Middle East, encounter a storm unlike anything they’ve seen before. When the storm subsides, they wake up to find themselves no longer in the desert and perhaps not even on Earth. The jungle they’ve been deposited in is a place ruled by prehistoric creatures long extinct. Each day is a struggle to survive as their ammo begins to run low and virtually everything they encounter, in this land they’ve been hurled into, is a deadly threat.