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The Sunday Slump

This is something that I have noticed pretty much ever since I started this blog. (way back in February). At first I just thought that it was because I was new, and my number of visitors would fluctuate and my postings would be irregular at best.

However, I have gotten into the habit of posting something every day and if I can manage it, around the same time each day also. That way I hope people will get used to seeing my blog / tweets / Facebook and Hyves messages at a regular time of day and eventually become intrigued as to what this is all about.

Over the last two weeks I have not only seen a very large increase in my traffic, it is also at a constant level. I get around the same number of visitors each day, and my minimum number has tripled. You can therefore understand that I am delighted.

The only thing is that Sunday’s seem to be a statistic on their own. Every week since I began my visitors on a Sunday were near nonexistent, and this trend continued over the last two (today will make 3) Sundays. On a number of Sundays I have had no visitors at all, and on good ones I get maybe 3 or 4. Now of course I value those three of four people and their visit as I do everyone taking the time to read my thoughts and fiction. I was merely wondering if this strange Sunday Slump as I have labeled it is something that only I suffer from, or is it an internet epidemic?

I can understand why in a way. Sunday is a day of rest, a day for church and a day for visiting family in many countries around the world, and so maybe it is just that internet traffic as a whole is lower on Sunday.

Have any of you noticed this trend and if so what did steps have you take if any to try to combat this?